all right, let's do this one more time

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hello! i see everyone's doing this to get ppl to follow, so i'm doing also to get into the tags (dashboard is rlly empty)! now for starters:


  • the legend of zelda

  • sonic the hedgehog

  • splatoon

  • super smash bros.

  • metroid

  • animal crossing

  • undertale/deltarune

  • fire emblem


  • boku no hero academia

  • mob psycho 100

  • sailor moon

  • revolutionary girl utena

  • rwby

  • moomin

  • miraculous ladybug

  • steven universe

  • spider man


  • marina (formely marina and the diamonds)

  • gorillaz/blur/anything damon albarn related

  • twenty one pilots

  • florence + the machine

  • studio killers

  • red velvet

  • blackpink

  • queen

  • mitski

  • vocaloid

  • the beatles

  • my chemical romance




Yang doodle!! I might finish it in the future.

this site's great for posting art because since there's fucking no one here your art will never get stolen

i drew this in february when the link's awakening remake was announced...... babie boye....

giant titties!

tumblr temporarily fucked me over because i had too many urls so while i wait for them to unban my blog i guess i'll sit here

real bastard hours

i lowkey forgot this site existed SORRY i'll try to post here again ;w;

noravalkyrie asked:

lowkey im thinkin bout making a discord for all the RWBY canon urls as well as just,,, RWBY fans in general. i think i might make one after i finished the series, or at least watched all of the current episodes.

whaddya think?

i guess that's a fun idea!!! idk if i'll join since i already have some pretty active servers and i have social anxiety skdfvbsdjhbd but go for it

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oscar pine is trans and says trans rights.

I'm still not very good, one of these is incomplete

Looking to follow!

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Hey I just joined and am looking for people to follow. Comment/like/reblog if you post any of these things

-Pokemon (the Mystery Dungeon series is a plus!)

-Furry stuff (sfw)

-RWBY (bonus of you ship bumbleby)

-OC stuff

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might just goof around and bury myself in dirt

cosmicaces -

might just go absolutely bananas and grow plants on myself

RWBY fandom?

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hey there, decided to give this site a try but there’s a noticeable lack of rwby fans, where are youuu

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its empty here

oscarpine -

the names umbre and im looking for mutuals with similar interests so plz reblog aagh

  • rwby

  • gen:lock

  • furbies

  • transformers

  • skylanders

  • metgal gear solid / mgs

  • homestuck / hiveswap

  • minecraft

  • jojo's bizarre adventure

  • knights (just them in general)

  • mlp

  • splatoon

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trans rights are human rights

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oH DONT MIND ME just testing out the photoset format here, have some BASTARD PRIDE OZPIN icons uwu

Guess I'll be the first to post some msa art? But yeah, this noodle needs to freaking sleep.


Mystery n’ Arthur © Mysteryben n’ The Gang Art © Me

Do not repost, use, or tag my art as kin!

looking for friends and people to follow!!

my name's leo, i love animation and video games! :0 i JUST got here so sdfvjhksbvjdfjsh i'm trying to learn the basics, and i really want more content on my dash. please reblog this post if you're in any of these fandoms:

  • gravity falls

  • rwby

  • genlock

  • pokemon

  • mystery skulls/msa

  • moomin

  • undertale/deltarune

please no gross shippers lmao, i'll check your blog before following!!!


I drew this after watching Gravity Falls with my little sister, it was really fun introducing her to the show that I loved

Looking for good folks to follow!

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I'm new to this site and want to build a good network! Please like or reblog if you're interested in any of the following:

  • The Adventure Zone

  • Gravity Falls

  • Boku no hero Academia

  • Mob Psycho 100

  • Fullmetal Alchemist

  • One Punch Man

  • Blue Exorcist

  • The Dragon Prince

  • She-Ra

  • Over the Garden Wall

  • Moomin

  • Any other good cartoons and anime!

I really like the potential of this site, and I'm excited to meet you guys!